It’s About Time!

Develop a personalized system for maximizing productivity & focus, and create a lifelong time management habit.

It’s About Time!


Dr. Carol Perlman, Psychologist and Health Coach

These are the same steps and techniques Dr. Perlman uses with her private counseling clients, delivered digitally and within a private FB group over the course of 45 days.

Can you relate?


You're constantly spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed, and not making progress on your goals.


You keep trying every new planner, app or organizational gizmo that comes along, but you never actually use anything consistently or effectively.


You feel scattered and distracted by technology/family/home demands, and often lose track of time - and then your goals and priorities get lost as well.


You keep pledging to make time for your health habits but cannot stay consistent and make time for your health goals.

You are not alone!

Many struggle with these challenges. Yet it IS possible to overcome them. You just need the proper strategies, guidance and accountability.

Dr. Perlman’s It’s About Time course can help!

What’s Included in the Course:


A system for maximizing productivity and focus.


A personalized formula for daily scheduling.


A printable workbook detailing each assignment and tip. Use for future reference and review!


Daily check-ins and coaching with Carol as she guides you through the program. Accountability magic!


Daily tutorials and assignments on habit formation so you USE your system and create a lifelong habit.


A daily hack for mastering the habit of following your plan.


Video sessions between Dr. Perlman and her former client, Beth to demonstrate Beth implementing the master system. Witness Carol helping Beth to problem solve around the common barriers experienced by many of us.


All videos and materials are yours to access at any time and will be available in the private Facebook group, and emailed to you to reference at anytime.

What You Can Expect:


At the end of the course you'll have a personalized Time Management System in place along with the daily habits needed to make it work for you.


You'll increase your daily productivity, make greater progress towards your goals, and live each day with much more ease, focus and excitement.


You'll learn stress-reducing and time-saving habits, tools, skills, and strategies that will make you more productive when you're working, and free of guilt when you're not.

What Past Participants are Saying About Dr. Carol Perlman’s Time Management Course

“This course was exactly what I needed! The assignments were excellent and I gained so much from other participants’ insights. I had been in a sort of funk and couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. I had the time but no motivation or plan to accomplish all the projects I need and want to do.

Now I have a system and a planner that has everything I need in one place. It feels amazing! I know I struggle with negative thoughts: ‘I can’t do this!, I’ll work on it tomorrow, I’m overwhelmed, I don’t feel like it.’ to name a few. I now know how to break down any task into smaller pieces and complete just one at a time…. I also know I am in control when I have my planner filled in and can move things around. When I work this system, I have flexibility with structure. THANK YOU Carol! Your inspiration and support has been life changing for me.”

– Mary S.

“After spending lots of mental energy deciding if I could even do the course with my crazy life… the first day I felt right at home and could relate with so many of the other participants.

It felt great to work on a simple plan. The concepts and tricks Carol taught really clicked with me and were doable.

Retraining my thoughts was so freeing and gave life to the planning process.
I love what Carol said in her last video today. You don’t have to be perfect and you can find good solutions to make the process easier. Always learning is key!

Thank you Carol for the class, and the group for being open and honest. I learned so many helpful tips from everyone!”

– Barbara B.

“What a great course! Your examples were so helpful and validated that the issues I struggle with are not uncommon! The coaching on breaking down the projects I avoid into identifiable, smaller tasks has been something I’ve been using, and I am working on the valuable habit of ‘just do this one thing now.’ Thank you so much!”

– Diane K.

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to join this course!


…. And FINALLY take control of your time.

You’ll receive your downloadable workbook immediately up upon signing up. You will also receive a welcome email from after signing up. Make sure you check your spam and promo folders and whitelist this address. If you don’t see the email, just send Dr. Perlman a note.